6 misconceptions about health coaches

I am currently training to run monthly mentorships programs to help inspire people to become better versions of themselves. We select a few people who are wanting, dedicated, determined and positive about creating the life they have always wanted to live.  I joined 5 months ago and I have had amazing results! I have decided to start coaching in hopes to just inspire just one person, not thousands. Here are some bullet points that I would like to share with all of you! I want you to fully understand what it means for me to become a health coach, and what my mission as a coach is. Beachbody does not define me but is a tool that has helped me and a lot of others live a healthier lifestyle.

Here are 6 misconceptions people think about Health coaches/Beachbody coaches!

  1. All they want to do is push their products on you.

No way! If that were the case, I never would’ve joined! The way I want to run my business and someday train my team to run theirs, it’s not about pushing products and hopefully, you can see/feel that in my social media feed. We all have someone in our circle who’s doing this and the thought of being that person makes us all cringe. Trust me, this is not like that… I am specifically trained to inspire, help and lead by example …and that is only what is so fulfilling about this.

  1. They would need a fitness following or know a lot of people to make this work.

Nope. We all start from ground zero with few people in our lives who are on a fitness journey like we are. You learn from the Coach you join, how to build a like-minded network after you join. Have I mentioned how awesome my coach is? Whoever you are and whatever you’ve been through – there are people who relate to you (more than they’ll relate to someone else). Maybe I’m not that person for you, but whoever it is, reach out because I’m sure they would be happy to help you. If it is me and you join me on this journey, as either a challenger or a coach you get my help starting-up, understand how to prepare yourself for success and ongoing help from me.

  1. They spend a lot of time working out & they have spent a lot of money to get where they are.

No, workouts are 10-45 minutes a day, some programs have rest days, others are designed without rest days. My team is mostly moms with full-time jobs and they all get their daily workouts in! Financially, I have personally spent less than what I was spending on a yearly gym membership.

  1. I don’t want to drink Shakeology, therefore the coach won’t want to help me/I won’t be successful.

Not true. You can reach out to me as a coach whether you decide to drink Shakeology or not. You can be successful even if you chose not to drink it. However, for your own results and health, I’d highly recommend you look further into why so many of people are obsessed with it. When I first heard the price of Shakeology, I thought it was a typo! I thought the CEO of this company had lost his mind! I was comparing it to my everyday protein shake. I hadn’t yet tried a recipe I was in love with, therefore I wasn’t sold on it. Once you find the flavor you love and start feeling the benefits you won’t look back.

  1. They need to be more fit so others will take them seriously.

Most top coaches have joined when they were just getting back into their fitness. This business helped them stay more accountable to that mission. But also realize, at the center of what causes us to be inspired by someone is watching them overcome their own struggles/habits/fears because progress inspires. If you are struggling, great, you’ve got a huge opportunity to get to work on yourself and show progress. The right kind of people are not envious of that journey, they are inspired by it. Even if they are more fit; it’s inspiring to see such progress. Everyone wants to progress even if they’re not ready to commit to the work. When they are ready to commit, hopefully, they will come to you as that person they know, like and trust, because they’ve seen your struggle to get real results. We are here to build relationships and to connect with people one-on-one.

  1. This is one of those pyramid things.

Oh boy…this is what made me hesitate for so long. I have to admit after doing a lot of research online I found a lot of positives and a lot of “scam” articles, I have to admit, when I first heard this, this is where my mind went too. After being part of an amazing challenge group and seeing the results and support first hand I can say that it’s so not true and anyone who thinks this is completely lacking knowledge. Luckily, I put my trust in my coach and I went for it.  Yes, the structure of this is like a pyramid. So is the organizational structure of any company you will work for. Except in this business, you are the boss; you put into it as little or as much as you want to get out of it. At the end of the day, my coach said it to me best, “not everything in life is about money.”

Those are the top misconceptions and I felt compelled to clarify as I begin my journey as a coach. This journey to me is a lot more than a paycheck, it’s about helping people get fit and healthy and building new relationships along the way. I hope this inspires you to get started as a challenger or as a coach! Message me if you think you are ready for an amazing life change. If you discovered something amazing, wouldn’t you like to share it with everyone too? Come get inspired with us!

It’s about that time to start feeling your best,

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