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Why I’ve decided to become a health coach

A few years after I got my first DSLR, right around the time that I got Instagram, I discovered a new passion for cooking. I had recently moved into a townhouse with some roommates. It was the first place since moving out on my own that had a good-sized kitchen. I had a good friend […]


6 misconceptions about health coaches

I am currently training to run monthly mentorships programs to help inspire people to become better versions of themselves. We select a few people who are wanting, dedicated, determined and positive about creating the life they have always wanted to live.  I joined 5 months ago and I have had amazing results! I have decided […]


5 oils you should always have in your kitchen

Oils contain fatty acids which are essential to our overall health. While consuming oils is important, you need to be aware of the quantity of oil being used. Each tablespoon contains approximately 120 calories, making it a very calorie dense food to consume, so use in moderation! Avocado oil A Very high smoke point at […]


7 Steps to effective meal prepping

Do you want to feel healthy? Do you want to lose weight? Build muscle? No matter what your end goal is, it always benefits to be prepared! Our society likes having things fast and convenient so by preparing your food in advance it gives you less opportunity to make an impulsive decision due to hunger. As much as […]


Slow cooker Blade Roast

I’m still learning about all the different cuts of meat. I’m much better than I was a few years ago but sometimes it’s still a bit overwhelming or confusing when you get the grocery store and see all these different cuts.  I found blade roast on sale a few weeks ago and decided to give […]

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5 Ingredient Thai Cabbage Salad

Cabbage, a mildly sweet flavored vegetable with many health benefits. You can find green or red cabbage at your local grocery store, normally sold by the pound. You can also find it bagged pre-shredded. It has health-promoting sulfur compounds and red cabbage contains an extra boost of phytonutrients. All varieties of cabbage are a low calorie, […]


My Beachbody Journey

I’ve been dabbling with this blog on and off for a few years now. Although I have tons of recipes I think of sharing but I often have a hard time posting cause I’m not much of a writer. Today, I’m going to try out my first true blog post without a recipe. In January, […]

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Protein Cake

Who doesn’t want to have cake for breakfast? This cake is so good that it can be eaten at any time of the day, not just for breakfast! This cake has no carbs and no added sugar. It’s good alone right out of the oven, however, my favorite way to eat it is with Greek […]

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Hemp Heart Tzatziki

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word superfood? It’s great for you, right? Right, but also wrong. Many “Superfoods” that get spoken about are amazing for you, however, because they are so nutrient-dense this also means they are most of the time very calorie dense. I’m always trying to get […]